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Prof Dr Achim Goerres

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University of Duisburg-Essen

Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Science

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Welcome to the homepage of

Achim Goerres

Professor of Empirical Political Science

Spokesman of the Inter-Departmental Priority Research Area “Transformation of Contemporary Societies”

University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg



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Research Interests:

Ageing societies and politics

The Political Behaviour of Migrants

The Political Psychology of Risk

Motivations for political and social action

Political sociology

Comparative welfare state analysis

Party politics

Comparative politics in Europe

German politics

Applied research methods



  • R & R by Journal of Public Policy (Dec 2017).
  • R & R by Ethnic and Migration Studies (Nov 2017).
  • Nine papers under review at the same time. Let us keep our fingers crossed. As the tenth had just been submitted, one paper got an R& R by the British Journal of Political Science (Oct 2017). This is a good autumn.
  • Paper about how local authorities in NRW organise elections forthcoming in German in KommP Wahlen (with Sebastian Krause). The practitioners’ journal targets all people involved in organising the election process For the analytical parent paper, see below (Oct 2017).
  • New paper submitted on the inequalities of health and political participation between mass and elites (with Hayfat Hamidou, October 2017)
  • New paper submitted on focus group results on voting and politics among Germans with a Soviet/Post-Soviet background (with Sabrina J, Mayer and Dennis C. Spies, Sept 2017).
  • Contribution about perceptions of the age conflict in Germany between 1978 and 2010 accepted for publication (September 2017).
  • Paper on fairness perceptions of public kindergarten fees in Germany submitted (with Marius R. Busemeyer, Sept 2017)
  • Second part of report on local political elites in NRW published (with various co-authors) (August 2017)
  • New working paper on electoral administration in North Rhine Westphalia submitted (with Evelyn Funk, August 2017)
  • paper on football, emotions and the German Bundestag elections 2013 in which we test whether football results can be viewed as a natural experiment submitted (with Robin Arens and Florian Rabuza, July 2017).
  • Attending annual conference of the Council for European Studies, Glasgow, July 12-14.
  • Attending annual conference of the specialist group on voting and public opinion (DVPW) at the university of Frankfurt, 20-21 May.
  • Training course about findings about older people and political participation in Barcelona, 9 May 2017
  • Public event about the projects of the yearlong fellowship of the Open Society Initiative Europe at the at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, 8 May 2017
  • Paper submitted about the preferences for fees for public kindergarten usage in a German town, vignette analysis (with Marius R. Busemeyer, April 2017)
  • Attending annual conference of the specialist group on political economy (DVPW) at the WS Düsseldorf, 30-31 March.
  • New working paper (with Dennis Spies and Staffan Kumlin) on support of the Alternative für Deutschland with a cool panel study design (March 2017).
  • Paper on the social norm of voting submitted (with Florian Rabuza, March 2017).
  • Attending workshop on comparative political economy and vignette analysis in Zürich (Jan 2017).
  • New interdisciplinary working paper “Overcoming Theoretical Divisions in Risk Analysis: Expanding the Idea of Integration in the Social Amplification of Risk Framework” (with Ruben Langer, Anne-Kathrin Fischer and Björn Fischbach, Nov 2016)
  • Immigrant German Election Study kicks off in Duisburg (Oct 2016). Dr Sabrina Jasmin Mayer new project manager of the election study.
  • Short piece on Green councillors in NRW published. Also available as blog post (Sept 2016).
  • paper on student attitudes and their exam performance after flipped classroom teaching in political science accepted by European Political Science (with Caroline Kärger and Daniel Lambach, September 2016).
  • Fellowship of the Open Society Initiative Europe in Barcelona starts (July 2016).
  • Anne-Kathrin Fischer takes up new PhD position in the Big Risks research group.
  • Paper submitted about gender and attitudes towards redistribution with Danish sibling data (with Mads Meier Jaeger, June 2016).
  • Paper submitted about how leading politicians talk about reforms of the welfare state and about how they link it to policies in three affluent welfare states (with Rune Karlsen and Staffan Kumlin)
  • New working paper on who is allowed not to vote based on a vignette study (with Florian Rabuza, June 2016).
  • Second wave of survey on Germans’ attitudes to the welfare state fielded (May 2016)
  • Study on local political elites in North-Rhine Westphalia published (with Hayfat Hamidou, Florian Rabuza and three student authors Alexander Baudisch, Maximilian Schmelzer and Shari Tegeler). It gets much media attention (May 2016).
  • The first German migrant election study gets funded by the German Science Foundation. The coordination of the survey at the next German Bundestag election (September 2017) will be based in Duisburg (with Dennis Spies, April 2016).
  • I am attending the Council for Europeanists Annual Conference in Philadelphia to present the paper on gender and preferences towards redistribution with Mads Meier Jaeger (April 2016).
  • Florian Rabuza successfully finishes his PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen with me as the primary supervisor on the impact of education on political inequality in voting across Europe (April 2016).
  • I am starting my position as visiting professor at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies Cologne (April 2016)
  • Paper with Stefanie Walter on the electoral consequences of the economic and financial crisis in the 2009 Bundestag election published in German Politics (February 2016).
  • Paper on social opportunity costs of voting submitted (with Florian Rabuza, Jan 2016).
  • New research associate Pia Beermann starts to work within the grant project “Big Risks”: the perceptions and management of neuralgic social risks in the 21st century Her PhD project will be about the political psychology of big risks from a global perspective (November 2015).
  • Survey about attitudes towards the German welfare state fielded, financed by the Norwegian Research Council with a grant to Staffan Kumlin (April 2015).
  • Paper on flipped Classroom teaching in my methods lecture accepted by Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (with Caroline Kärger and Daniel Lambach, April 2015).
  • Contributions published about latent class analysis, weighted regression and least-square regression in encyclopaedia of empirical methods edited by Rainer Diaz-Bone and Christoph Weischer (February 2015).



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