Achim Goerres’ Data for Reproduction and Replication

I am striving to make all my data and other files available for reproduction and replication purposes.

There are four public-access repositories that I have been working with so far.

GESIS Archive for standard survey data

  • German Welfare State Survey 2015-2017 (with Staffan Kumlin)
  • Immigrant German Election Study I 2017 (with Dennis C. Spies and Sabrina J. Mayer)

QualiService Bremen for qualitative focus group data

  • Qualitative Immigrant German Election Study (with Dennis C. Spies and Sabrina J. Mayer)

Harvard Dataverse for journal article publications and other quantitative data

  • Goerres/ Karlsen/ Kumlin 2018
  • Busemeyer/ Goerres 2019
  • Goerres / Mayer / Spies 2022
  • Goerres / Höhne 2023

Open Science Framework

  • Global Political Demography Database (with Pieter Vanhuysse)
  • Election Campaigns and Welfare State Change (with Staffan Kumlin)
  • pre-analysis registrations