Team Working Group of Empirical Political Science

Team assistant

Karin Teuchler (Ms)


PD Dr Conrad Ziller (Mr), assistant professor with tenure and project leader LiV and DemoCrisis

Paul Vierus (Mr), MA, Thyssen-project manager DemoCrisis and PhD student

Jakob Kemper (Mr), MA, ERC-project officer POLITSOLID and PhD student

Dr Jan Karem Höhne (Mr), ERC-project manager POLITSOLID

Teresa Hummler (Ms), MA, DFG-project manager and PhD student LiV

Hayfat Hamidou-Schmidt (Ms), MA, research associate and PhD student

Jonas Elis (Mr), MA, DFG-project manager IMGES II and PhD student

Adriana Cassis (Ms), MA, doctoral research fellow at the IMPRS

External PhD students

Johanna Plenter (Ms), MA, research associate and PhD student University of Düsseldorf

Evelyn Funk (Ms), MA, independent evaluator and educator Cologne

Patrick Clasen (Mr), MA, political advisor European Parliament Brussels

Student assistants

Mr Jonas Verlaten, Mr Justin Springmann, Ms Jessica Kuhlmann, Ms Sophie Dietrich, Mr Manuel Diaz Garcia, Mr Joshua Claaßen