Work in Progress

This page contains material that is still work-in-progress or in the peer-review process of social science journals.

You can access most of my papers in full-text via the Social Science Research Network and/or the Open Science Framework SocArXive

Working Papers

Immigrant German Election Study 1 & 2

Presentation 31 January 2022

Goerres_et_al_Transnational Political Interest 20220131


Transnational Political Interest in Two Polities: Germans of Turkish Descent (with the late Dennis Spies, Jonas Elis and Sabrina Mayer)

Immigrant-Origin Voters and the AfD (with the late Dennis Spies, Jonas Elis and Sabrina J. Mayer)

Presentation with first results on electoral campaign 2021 and immigrant-origin voters, 26 January 2022


How to Increase Survey Response and Manage the Postal and Face-to-Face Field Work of Participant Recruitment during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Note with Preliminary Evidence from Immigrant-Origin and Native Voters in a German Metropolis in Spring 2021 (with Jonas Elis, Dennis Spies and Sabrina Mayer)


How to Measure Political Solidarities in Surveys (with Jan Karem Höhne)

The Research Agenda of POLITSOLID: The Ties that Bind – Experimental Analyses of Political Solidarities in Modern European Democracies

This is a programmatic paper giving an overview of my ERC-project POLITSOLID (2021-25)

Solidarities, Fairness, and Economic Governance in Advanced Capitalism: The Cases of COVID-19 Responses in Germany and the United States (with Mark I. Vail, Wake Forest University)

Other projects

Gender and welfare state attitudes: Studying Danish siblings (with Mads Meier Jaeger, University of Copenhagen)

a peer-reviewed working paper is available at the Centre for Welfare Studies at the University of Southern Denmark at Odense

Book Projects

Communicating under Pressure: Communication, Public Opinion and the Welfare State in Europe (Book project with Staffan Kumlin, University of Oslo, forthcoming with Oxford University Press)