Work in Progress

This page contains material that is still work-in-progress or in the peer-review process of social science journals.

You can access some of my papers in full-text via the Social Science Research Network (marked by **)

Working Papers (somewhere between good set of ideas to submitted material)


  • **Blind Retrospection, Football and the Bundestag Election 2013 (in German, with Florian Rabuza, University of Duisburg-Essen, and Robin Arens, University of Konstanz/Essex University), Conditional Accept, Politsche Vierteljahresschrift.
  • **Health and Political Activity (with Hayfat Hamidou, University of Duisburg-Essen)

Working Papers in Preparation (once they are fit for sharing, they go on the SSRN)

  • Alike at the Core, Different at the Margins: Explaining Party Preferences of Immigrant Voters at the 2017 Bundestag Election (with Sabrina J. Mayer and Dennis Spies)
  • What are we missing? Explaining Turnout of Immigrant Voters with Established Theories (with Sabrina J. Mayer and Dennis Spies)
  • Social Integration and Electoral Behaviour of Immigrants in Germany (with Sabrina J. Mayer and Hafyat Hamidou, in German)
  • **Gender and welfare state attitudes: Studying Danish siblings (with Mads Meier Jaeger, University of Copenhagen)
  • **Who is Allowed Not to Vote? Deservingness, Moral Karma and the Social Construction of the Voting Norm (with Florian Rabuza)
  • Conflictive Demands on the Welfare State in Changing Times: Group-based Differences in Attitudes in Advanced Industrial Democracies between 1985-2016, (with Jonas Elis)
  • **Overcoming Theoretical Divisions in Risk Analysis: Expanding the Idea of Integration in the Social Amplification of Risk Framework (with Ruben Langer, Anne-Kathrin Fischer, Björn Fischbach, University of Duisburg-Essen)

Book Projects

  • Global Political Demography, edited volume as open-access book (with Pieter Vanhuysse, Odense). A global volume of comparative analyses of the relationship between demographic change and politics
  • Communicating under Pressure: Communication, Public Opinion and the Welfare State in Europe (Book project with Staffan Kumlin, University of Oslo / Institute for Social Research Oslo, under interest with Oxford University Press)
  • Germany’s New Voters: Migrant Voters at the 2017 Bundestag Elections (book project in German with Sabrina J. Mayer and Dennis Spies)