Work in Progress

This page contains material that is still work-in-progress or in the peer-review process of social science journals.

You can access most of my papers in full-text via the Social Science Research Network and/or the Open Science Framework SocArXive

Working Papers

Immigrant German Election Study 1 & 2

Presentation 31 January 2022

Goerres_et_al_Transnational Political Interest 20220131


The Electoral Behaviour of Germans of Turkish Descent between 1999 and 2021 (with Manuel Diaz Garcia, Sabrina J. Mayer, Jonas Elis)

The Immigrant German Eleton Study Data Set (with Sabrina J. Mayer, Manuel Diaz Garcia and Jonas Elis)

Turnout Differences Across the Political Life Cycle between Immigrant-Origin and Native Voters (with Sabrina J. Mayer and Jonas Elis), under review

Transnational Political Interest in Two Polities: Germans of Turkish Descent (with the late Dennis Spies, Jonas Elis and Sabrina Mayer) R&R International Migration Review

Elis, Jonas, M.A., Achim Goerres, Sabrina J. Mayer, and Dennis Spies. 2022. “Mobilising Immigrant-origin Voters into Survey Participation: The Effect of In-person Canvassing Versus Postal Reminders on Response Rates in a Longitudinal Election Survey.” SocArXiv. March 28. doi:10.31235/  

Goerres, Achim, Sabrina J. Mayer, Dennis Spies, and Jonas Elis, M.A. 2022. “Wählerinnen Und Wähler Mit Einwanderungsgeschichte Im Bundestagswahlkampf: Erste Ergebnisse Der Immigrant German Election Study II (IMGES II) Aus Duisburg Von Mai Bis November 2021.” SocArXiv. April 9. doi:10.31235/  


The Extended Solidarity Game in Online Surveys in Austria and Germany (with Markus Tepe, Jan Karem Höhne, Jakob Kemper)

Feasibility Study of the Solidarity Game in an Online Environment with OTree

Virtual Worlds and Measurements of Meaningful Political Behaviour

First results from solidarity game in online surveys and an artificial state in an online environment

see project updates

The Research Agenda of POLITSOLID: The Ties that Bind – Experimental Analyses of Political Solidarities in Modern European Democracies

This is a programmatic paper giving an overview of my ERC-project POLITSOLID (2021-25)

Solidarities, Fairness, and Economic Governance in Advanced Capitalism: The Cases of COVID-19 Responses in Germany and the United States (with Mark I. Vail, Wake Forest University)

Other projects

Gender and welfare state attitudes: Studying Danish siblings (with Mads Meier Jaeger, University of Copenhagen)

a peer-reviewed working paper is available at the Centre for Welfare Studies at the University of Southern Denmark at Odense